Shadertoy Competition 2016


3 Jul 1st challenge announcement

10 Jul 1st deadline + 2nd announcement

17 Jul 2nd deadline + 3rd announcement

24 Jul 3rd deadline + WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT


This competition is based on remote participation, and it is free!

Every week we'll announce the subject of a new challenge in this page. Once the announcement is done, you'll have a whole week to create and submit your shader. Submitting a shader is very easy, you'll simply have to add name your shader properly with a tag given below and publish it. For example, [SH16A] MyAmazingShader is a valid shader name for the first challenge.

Feel free to publish your shaders any time during the week, we embrace collaboration and will value the original entries appropriately regardless of forked or adapted versions that might come as a result.

After each challenge deadline, points will be given to the submitted shader and displayed in this page for tracking purposes. At the same date, the challenge for the new week will be announced as well.

The winner of the competition will be the author who's three shaders accumulate the most points. Glory and honor are expected for the champion, and perhaps some prizes will be given too!



1st position238 ptsknarkowicz
2nd position208 ptsstubbe
3rd position205 ptsP_Malin
.113 ptsKlems
.101 ptsfb39ca4
.85 ptsdavidbargo
.66 ptsNeper
.56 ptscoyote
.56 ptsDave_Hoskins
.48 ptsFabriceNeyret2
.46 ptsBananaft
.45 ptsflockaroo
.38 ptsEvilRyu
.22 ptsreinder
.16 ptsdavid_k
.11 ptsdr2
.11 ptsTekF

1st Challenge :: Size Coding!

Description : How small can you make this shader? Making visuals in a small amount of code is a regular exercise in the Demoscene and in Shadertoy. In fact, we already hosted size coding competitions here in Shadertoy, such as the 2 Tweet competition.

For this first challenge, we are going to give you a shader that we wrote, and we want you to make it as small as possible, as counted by Shadertoy's character counter (which is at the bottom of the code editor). However, there are some extra rules. The visuals of the reference image must stay the same after the code optimization. For that purpose we are setting a threshold of a 1% in the number of pixels that can differ between the reference image and your shader's output. We'll perform the check in HD resolution (1920x1080) in two different machines on Windows 10 and MacOSX 10.11.5 both with Chrome 51 and NVIDIA GeForce cards (980M and 750M). This covers the big majority of the Shadertoy community. We'll then average the two pixel counting results to get a more robust and fair pixel count. To aid in this comparison, you can use Photoshop or similar photo editing programs, or the resemble.js website (if you use this, make sure your settings look like this).

The reference shader is, which is 5082 characters long, and the image to the right is what the shader looks like (click on it to see a high resolution version):

Tag: "[SH16A] name_of_your_shader"

Start date: July 3rd, 11:59am Pacific Time

End date: July 10th, 11:59am Pacific Time

Compo Results:

User stubbe fb39ca4 knarkowicz coyote P_Malin Neper davidbargo reinder david_k FabriceNeyret2
Shader 4td3zr 4ttGzr XtcGzr lt3Gz4 Xlc3zn 4t3GRr XlcGRr 4tcGRr MlcGzH lttGRr

If your shader is less than 705 characters but you don't see in the list it means it didn't pass the 1% pixel difference test or that it wasn't working on our machines.

All submitted contributions :

2nd Challenge :: Pretty Pixels!

Description : Making the code of a shader tiny has no value unless the visuals it creates are impressive. From demos to movies, games or Shadertoy, pretty pixels often win.

The second challenge of the competition is all about your skill as a creative. Given the theme "Speed", go nuts and create the most visually impressive shader you can! Feel free to add animation, sequencing, (procedural?) music, and whatever Shadertoy feature you need. The rules are simple, impress us with your artistic and technical skills. Right after the deadline we will get a code snapshot of all the shaders to examine.

Show the community that you are the master of graphics, procedural content and animation!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us or other users in

Tag: "[SH16B] name_of_your_shader"

Start date: July 10th, 12:00pm Pacific Time

End date: July 17th, 11:59am Pacific Time

Compo Results:

User P_Malin knarkowicz Klems Dave_Hoskins Bananaft stubbe Neper EvilRyu flockaroo dr2
Shader MttGz4 4ldGz4 ll3GWn ltd3RN XldGR7 XtdGR7 XtdGz4 4lcGWr Xt33Wn XltGRM

All submitted contributions :

3rd Challenge :: Shader Game!

Description : Every one knows that a Shadertoy runs per pixel, so far we have done tiny shaders and pretty shaders, but what about playable shaders? It is time to show how much of a game can you write in a Shadertoy. Because you and we know GPUs can compute game logic as well!

The third challenge of the Shadertoy Competition 2016 is all about your skill as a generalist programmer, this challenge combines pretty much everything in one Shadertoy : visuals, AI, optimization, rendering, multipass...

Given the theme "80s/90s Games", create an awesome Shadertoy! Feel free to add gameplay, intro sequences, matching sounds, matching visuals, (procedural?) music, and feel free to use WHATEVER Shadertoy feature you need. The rules are simple, rewrite your favorite game from the 80s/90s or invent one that share the visual style of the 80s. Right after the deadline we will get a code snapshot of all the shaders to examine. Beware we already have many games including Pacman game and an Arkanoid, so we'll value more if you make a new game, although these two are good examples of how to implement game logic in Shadertoy, so feel free to use them as reference!

We'll value playability, meaning how complete it is (you can focus in a single level, but within that level, how playable the game is will matter), and ll also overal visual, musical quality and performance of course. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us or other users in

Tag: "[SH16C] name_of_your_shader"

Start date: July 17th, 12:00pm Pacific Time

End date: July 24th, 11:59am Pacific Time

Compo Results:

User knarkowicz stubbe P_Malin davidbargo Klems FabriceNeyret2 flockaroo fb39ca4 EvilRyu TekF
Shader XltGDr Mlt3Wn lldGDr 4l33W4 XldGDN MttGDr Mtc3D4 MtcGDH lt33DN 4lcGWH

All submitted contributions :

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