Shadertoy Competition 2017


11 Jul 1st challenge announcement

18 Jul 1st deadline + 2nd announcement

25 Jul 2nd deadline + 3rd announcement

1 Aug 3rd deadline + WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT


This competition is based on remote participation, and it is free!

Every week we'll announce the subject of a new challenge in this page. Once the announcement is done, you'll have a whole week to create and submit your shader. Submitting a shader is easy, you'll simply have to name your shader appropiately and publish it. For example, [SH17A] MyAmazingShader is a valid shader name for the first challenge.

Feel free to publish your shaders any time during the week, we embrace collaboration and will value the original entries appropriately regardless of forked or adapted versions that might come as a result.

After each challenge deadline, points will be given to the submitted shader and displayed in this page for tracking purposes. At the same date, the challenge for the new week will be announced.

The winner of the competition will be the author who's three shaders accumulate the most points. Glory and honor are expected for the champion, and the main prize!. The second and third competitors will also receive prizes. All prizes are thanks to our sponsor, NVIDIA.


1st Place NVIDIA Quadro P6000

2nd Place NVIDIA Quadro P5000

3rd Place NVIDIA Quadro P4000


Top 5

1st position516 ptsP_Malin
2nd position500 ptsTekF
3rd position499 ptsknarkowicz
4th position478 ptsImp5
5th position351 ptsReinder

1st Challenge :: Size Coding!

Do you remember the epic 2 Tweet competition of early 2015? That was an impressive show of technical and visual mastery. More than two years later it's time to show the world what's possible in just 280 characters.

We are opening this year's Shadertoy competition by asking all the shadertoy coders to make the most impressive 2-tweet shader yet. Show to the world and the other shader makers what you are able to do with at most 280 characters, as counted by the character counter under the code editor (unless you try to be smart and find a bug to exploit, in which case we'll fix it). Feel free to use textures, sound or anything that is available to you in a regular Shdertoy creation.

We'll value how impressive the visuals, and how small you get your shader to be. Can you make it one tweet long?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us or other users in

Tag: "[SH17A] name_of_your_shader"

Start date: July 11th, 10:00pm Pacific Time

End date: July 18th, 11:59am Pacific Time

Compo Results:

Due to the massive participation, we've decided to give points to the best 20 shaders. All submitted contributions can be found here:

User P_Malin flockaroo stubbe knarkowicz Imp5 TekF Xor Nesvi7 BigWIngs Shane
Shader ldBfDR 4dBfDW MsjBWR MsSfzw 4sSBD1 XsBBRw 4d2fzw Xd2fD1 ldBfzw 4d2BW1
User Klems Zabidon Reinder Trisomie21 Dave_Hoskins pellicus otaviogood aiekick FabriceNeyret2 fizzer
Shader Xd2Bzw ldjfDR Ms2fDh MdSfDD Ms2BRm lsjfRw XsjBWW 4djBDR lsSBWh MdjBDh

Mystery Mountain shader by Dave Hoskins, 268 characters long, winner of 2015's 2 Tweet competition.

2nd Challenge :: A Shader Adventure!

Now that you have demonstrated your ability to make tiny shaders, it is time to start a new adventure and demonstrate your abilities as a generalist programer.

Anything that makes you think of an adventure is welcome in this challenge: movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, classic adventure games like Maniac Mansion, or if you are brave enough, create your very own adventure! Just to be clear, you can make something interactive (like a scene of a game) or you can make something passive (like a scene of a movie or a book).

We'll value performance, visual quality and interactivity. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us or other users in https ://

Tag: "[SH17B] name_of_your_shader"

Start date: July 18th, 11:59pm Pacific Time

End date: July 25th, 11:59am Pacific Time

Compo Results:

All submitted contributions can be found here:

User knarkowicz TekF Imp5 P_Malin Shane Dave_Hoskins Reinder Klems pellicus EvilRyu
Shader Xs2fWD 4sjfDm 4dSfzG ldjfDD Xd2BWm ldBBDm Xs2Bzy ldSfRG ldjBRy XdSBDw
User Nesvi7 drivenbynostalgia unbird Zabidon xor Trisomie21 VB lsdlive Patu BigWIngs
Shader XsjBDm MsjfWW MdSBDw ld2BWW 4sSBzy Ms2fWW ls2fRG XsjBRy Md2fWm MsSBD1

Ideas for the second challenge of the Shadertoy Competition.

3rd Challenge :: The Shader Professor

Now that you have demonstrated your ability as a programmer making tiny shaders and complicated adventures, it is time for something new!

Shadertoy is a community where we share knowledge about computer graphics. Sharing knowledge is important and it is in our blood, and it is probably in yours if you are a user of Shadertoy.

For this challenge we are asking you to make a shader that explains an idea, a paper, a technique or something you know well but others might not. It can be anything, for instance, you just read about the fast fourier transform, global illumination, quaternions, fibonacci numbers, or anything. Find a cool or pretty way to explain it, and make a shader! By the way, these listed here are already done in Shadertoy, but no one says you can't do better! You can pick anything, it can be super simple and instructive for kids, or something super advanced you just read about it in a SIGGRAPH paper.

We'll value performance, visual quality and interactivity. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us or other users in

Tag : "[SH17C] name_of_your_shader"

Start date : July 25th, 11:59pm Pacific Time

End date : August 1st, 11:59am Pacific Time

Compo Results :

All submitted contributions can be found here : https ://

User Reinder TekF Imp5 P_Malin knarkowicz EvilRyu ssell Nesvi7 Shane Klems
Shader 4dSfRc MdBfRK lsSBzc Md2fzV 4sSfzK ld2fzV Ms2fRK 4dBBzV MdSBRc MsSfzc
User FabriceNeyret2 Zabidon ttoinou culdevu unbird kig eliemichel dr2 shadypanda PrzemyslawZaworski
Shader 4sSfz3 ldSfzc Ms2Bz3 4dSBRc ldBBzV XdBBRV MsjfRK Md2Bz3 4dBfRV 4dBBRV

Ideas for the third challenge of the Shadertoy Competition.

About Shadertoy

Shadertoy is a web tool that allows developers all over the globe push pixels from code to screen using WebGL. It is free for everybody and it is accessible via

In less that two years, its users have created thousands of fragments shaders that explore a wide variety of real time graphics algorithms such as raymarching, procedural texturing, modeling and animation, fractal geometry, image compression, volumetric rendering or motion blur.

Shadertoy is also a social platform, a place for professionals and students alike to learn and teach about visuals, interactions, reactivity, modeling, GPU internals and shading.