Shadertoy Competition 2018


21th Jul @ 11:59AM PT Challenge Announcement

11th Aug @ 11:59AM PT Deadline

12th Aug @ 11:59AM PT Winner Announcement


This competition is based on remote participation, and it is free!

Starting July 21st, you will find here details about the Shadertoy Challenge 2018. Submitting a shader is easy, you'll simply have to name your shader appropiately and publish it. For example, [SH18] MyAmazingShader is a valid shader name for the Shadertoy Challenge 2018.

Feel free to publish your shaders any time before the deadline, we embrace collaboration and will value the original entries appropriately regardless of forked or adapted versions that might come as a result.

After the challenge deadline, we will rank and publish the winner of the competition. Glory and honor are expected for the champion, and the main prize!. The second and third competitors will also receive prizes.


Top 3

1st positionreinderHuman Document
2nd positionP_MalinVisage
3rd positionBigWIngsBabytoy

The Challenge: Human

This year we will try to tackle one of the most interesting problems in computer graphics - humans.

For more than 4 years in the Shadertoy Competition, the community has pushed the boudaries of what everyone believed was possible.

The topic of this year is "humans", and we left this specifically open as we want to see what direction you choose to go.
You can try to go for improving eye rendering, hair generation, animation, anatomy, or go on a totally stylized direction, and create something artist or metaphorical. Theses are by no means all the possible directions, just conversation starters that you can use if you need them, but the possibilities are endless and we look forward to see in what way you decide to go.

Need more ideas? Take a look at what the Shadertoy community has created so far:

We'll value how impressive the visuals, pushing the boundaries and originality of the content.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us or other users in

About Shadertoy

Shadertoy is a web tool that allows developers all over the globe push pixels from code to screen using WebGL. It is free for everybody and it is accessible via

In less that two years, its users have created thousands of fragments shaders that explore a wide variety of real time graphics algorithms such as raymarching, procedural texturing, modeling and animation, fractal geometry, image compression, volumetric rendering or motion blur.

Shadertoy is also a social platform, a place for professionals and students alike to learn and teach about visuals, interactions, reactivity, modeling, GPU internals and shading.